Partners of the Compagnon du Boulanger ®

With the aim of developing a piece of equipment which would meet the needs of bakers and consumers who love good quality bread, Jean-Pierre Ferrante and Bruno Francois called upon the experience and expertise of ten or so traditional French bakers right from the project's preliminary stages.

The partner bakers of ELODYS® invested in this venture with the aim of developing a piece of equipment capable of producing baguettes of the same quality as those from the bakery.

The gamble paid off! The bread dispensed by the Compagnon du Boulanger ® is fresh and crusty. The baguette is very tasty, with a lovely yeasty smell and inside it is light and well-aerated. It carries the "baker's signature", the knife scores on the top, which stop the bread from bursting during baking.

Partner bakers who have taken part in the development and/or finalisation of the Compagnon du Boulanger ® (non- exhaustive list):

Maison BRAQUEHAIS - 44 place Nationale - 54390 FROUARD - FRANCE

Contact : Mr Alain BRAQUEHAIS
Baker, Pastrymaker, Caterer established in Pompey, Liverdun, Champigneulles and Nancy known for his Traditional Breads and Red Label flour.

Boulangerie STEF - 3 rue Monseigneur Trouillet - 54000 NANCY - FRANCE

Contact : Mr Stéphane MARCHAL
Baker, Pastrymaker, Chocolate maker renowned for his “Moulin-Jeannette” baguette.

Boulangerie METZINGER - 39 rue Maréchal Foch - 57800 FREYMING-MERLEBACH - FRANCE

Contact : Mr Jean-Marc METZINGER
Baker awarded the 2012 prize for Best Baguette in Moselle.

LA FLEURETTE - 24 rue Pâquis - 55400 BUZY DARMONT - FRANCE

Contact : Mr and Mrs LILIEN

SARL NICOLAS - 54 rue du Maréchal Foch - 54230 BITCHE - FRANCE

Contact : Mr and Mrs BELAKEBI
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
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