How the baguette vending oven works

The Compagnon du boulanger ® is a baguette vending oven. It is stocked every day with traditional baguettes which have been pre-baked for 10 minutes. The baguettes are stored in a fridge. They are then moved towards the oven to be baked and finally stored in a temperate compartment ready to be dispensed then and there.

The Compagnon du Boulanger ® is composed of:

  • An oven with a capacity of 6 baguettes guaranteeing the quality of the baking of the traditional product
  • A ventilated cold compartment for storing and preserving between 80 to 240 baguettes
  • A temperate zone for storing 18 baguettes ready for sale
  • A payment system for paying with coins, pre-paid cards depicting the bakery and by credit card (optional).
  • A programmable logic controller for remote monitoring
    • Programmable baking parameters (time and temperature)
    • Hourly sales statistics
    • Management of number of baguettes being kept warm per time slot
    • Unsold stock management and disposal
    • Replenishment management via an e-mail alert or sms
    • Alert for any malfunctions
  • A customisable structure
    • Choice of colour (from over 200 RAL shades)
    • Customisation of the front with a photo and a band with the name of your bakery
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
6 rue de la Gare
55190 Void-Vacon