The Compagnon du Boulanger ® | Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Compagnon du Boulanger ® cost the council anything which decides to install it or authorises its installation?

When the baguette sales potential makes the machine profitable, it is financed by the baker who operates it. In this case, the service costs the council which authorises its installation nothing.
When the council wants to provide its residents with a service, but the sales potential is not sufficient to make the machine profitable, the council may decide to finance, co-finance or grant a deficiency subsidy to the baker operator.

Technically, is it complicated to install a Compagnon du Boulanger ®?

ELODYS takes care of the "turnkey" delivery and installation of the equipment.
The only pre-requisite is the availability of a site with a hard level floor and a single-phase 220 volt electricity access point.

What happens if it breaks down?

The ELODYS technical team is on-hand 7 days a week.
Repair is guaranteed within 24 hours.
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
6 rue de la Gare
55190 Void-Vacon