Frequently Asked Questions about the Compagnon du Boulanger ® for Companies

Does the Compagnon du Boulanger ® cost the company anything which decides to install it or authorises its installation?

The baker finances the Compagnon du Boulanger ®, so it is a free service for the company.

Technically, is it complicated to install a Compagnon du Boulanger ®?

ELODYS takes care of the "turnkey" delivery and installation of the equipment.
The only pre-requisite is the availability of a site with a hard level floor and a single-phase 220 volt electricity access point.

Who stocks the machine with the dough?

The local baker takes care of stocking the Compagnon du boulanger ® with dough and also the day-to-day maintenance.

What happens if it breaks down?

The ELODYS technical team is on-hand 7 days a week. Repair is guaranteed within 24 hours.
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
6 rue de la Gare
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