The Compagnon du Boulanger ®

Technotol Sas, Tecnolak Sas and Tech RTS Sas presided over by Jean-Pierre FERRANTE and directed by Bruno FRANCOIS are all companies specialising in industrial subcontracting (sheet metal manufacture, fine sheet metal work and powder-coating).

In 2011, to diversify the activities of the group's companies, Jean-Pierre Ferrante and Bruno Francois decided to embark upon the creation of a new product; several ideas were explored and it was the bread idea which took root!

A cross-reflection focusing on this global staple food, new consumer habits - the "I want everything right now" attitude - and the desire of the two partners to promote traditional French product resulted in the idea of a vending machine for traditional baguettes providing a good quality, fresh traditional product 24/7 called the "Compagnon Du Boulanger ®".

And so, in June 2012, ELODYS® was founded specifically for the research, development, manufacture in France and marketing of the Compagnon Du Boulanger ®, the machine which dispenses the famous French baguette, the popular type of bread and the global flagship of French gourmet culture.

It only takes the Compagnon du Boulanger ® a few seconds to produce and dispense a fresh, crusty traditional baguette, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Compagnons du Boulanger ® production plant is located in France, in Void-Vacon (in the Lorraine region).
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
6 rue de la Gare
55190 Void-Vacon