Vending Oven
for your Baguettes

The Compagnon du Boulanger ® guarantees you, Bakers:

  • Ultra-fresh baguettes for the consumer
  • New customers by offering high quality traditional bread in public areas, companies or villages far away from shops
  • An additional bakery service at busy times or on days when you are closed
  • Extra income from the first month of operation
  • Customer loyalty, especially with the pre-paid card sold in the bakery
  • Streamlined rounds by offering this service in more remote villages

ELODYS gives you peace of mind with its maintenance service for the Compagnon du Boulanger ®

  • Regular preventive checks
  • Repair within 24 hours maximum, 7 days a week
  • Insurance and an Internet connection
You can use the sides and back of the Compagnon du Boulanger ® to share your message and promote your bakery.

The Compagnon du Boulanger ® | Technical details

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pre-baked baguettes quick to load
  • Just 1 single-phase 220 V electrical connection required
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Available payment options: cash, credit card, pre-paid cards
  • Customisable machine (colour, photo, text, etc.)
  • The machine communicates with the Baker
  • Available in 3 versions:

    • Built-in
    • Free-standing
    • Kiosk
  • Various capacities available from 80 to 240 baguettes
  • Good quality, fresh crusty bread at any time, including the day the bakery is closed
  • A simple way to build up customer loyalty
  • A perfect bake producing the same quality as from your bakery
The Compagnon du Boulanger ®
6 rue de la Gare
55190 Void-Vacon